When Life Gives you Lemons!

When Life Gives you Lemons!


Thank god it’s Friday!

Thank god it's Friday!

Platform shoes

Sophie hulme tote

Oasis gold watch

Muse black eyeglass

Lancôme lips makeup

Opi nail polish

The Office Chic

The Office Chic

The Work Chic

The Work Chic

Heels & pumps

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Opi nail lacquer

Fashion Victim : The Vicious Circle of Employment

The fashion industry is like that popular guy in school who has the car, the girls and the best jawline one could ask for. The situation is a little different in India. Fashion is an unknown territory, and the industry is a very very frustrated lady.

Working in the fashion industry is another ball game though. Hollywood movies paved way to influence us naive Indians into believing – being a witch is the way. Designers want assistants to work with stipend worthy pay but work 36 hours a day. Creativity comes with a price, mostly paid by the assistant employees. The learning curve starts from getting the floor cleaned (if working with a big name) to turning into the office witch.

In India, Fashion is confused. Designers are arrogant and Companies are greedy for Management grads. After all, this is the country of the brain(s). If you have talent, nobody can stop you – is a myth. If you have talent, be assured, you probably are poor or helpless to not start your own venture.

Although telling the regular Indian family that they have creative children has become relatively easy, it is still a backlash moment in the child’s life. Metropolitan cities are ruled by the need for a Condo and the middle class is ruled by catching up with inflation. Imagine the good life a guy foresees when he tells his middle class family he wants to be a designer or worse,  a make up artist. Coming to work with this stress and smiling (for the sake of fashion) while your leather pants make it difficult for you to breathe, is like icing on a frozen cake.

The Indian fashion industry also refuses to pay you. Quite literally.

You may work 10 hours a day, and spoil your weekends but your bank account is perpetually laughing at you. Sadly but truly, we also adjust and accept. Suddenly, a social gathering gives you that confidence boost that your work place takes away from you when people hear where you work. All the nagging, unrealistic targets and sad bank balance hurt a lot less.

The Industry then reveals its most privately kept after-effect, a daring facade.

I work in the fashion industry ; so do a lot of talentless beings

Fur Nation

Fur Nation